How to achieve 10KM or 15KM after 5KM in one month?


If you are a running beginner or just finished your first 5 km, and want to head to 10KM, even 15Km, but stuck in the 5KM, then this blog is written for you.

10Km Running

Different people is in a different age, in a different health situation, if we follow others blindly, we would feel out of breath. I write this blog from my own experience which I wish could help in your running days.

I have made a running schedule as below.

How to achieve 10KM or 15 Km after 5KM in one month?

Self-encourage is very important! When you run 5Km, you could say to yourself that “it is just another 1KM, just like the first 1km when I begin to run”, don’t try to speed up or slow down, just keep you pace and insist on another 1km, at the moment, you could try to distract your attention, you could see the sky, see the trees along side.

When you run the second 6km, remind yourself that you have ever reached 6Km, so 6km is easy to you this time. Just run another 1km or 2 km, then you could reach 7km or 8 km next time. It is very important that we need to find the most comfortable speed for our body, maybe it is 1km/6min for 20+age people, 1km/7min or 8min for mid age people, feel your body, run with the speed that you don’t feel tired and keep the constant pace, then you will not feel tired. Just like I said before, everybody is in different health situation, so we had better not follow other’s speed blindly, we must keep our own pace and keep running all the way! We run for health, not for race.

wautton running 10KM

We usually would admire people who run at the speed 4min/km, or even 3min/km. Don’t worry about that, we could run further first. When we could finish half-marathon, let’s work on our speed again!

If you would like to communicate with me about the running, welcome to contact me.

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