• How to achieve 10KM or 15 Km after 5KM in one month?

    How to achieve 10KM or 15 Km after 5KM in one month?
    If you are a running beginner or just finished your first 5 km, and want to head to 10KM, even 15Km, but stuck in the 5KM, then this blog is written for you. Different people is in a different age, in a different health situation, if we follow others blindly, we would feel out of breath. I write this blog from my own experience...
  • How do I run my first 5KM?

     I have been running for nearly 6 years, and have joined over 20+ half-marathons, one full marathons (finished in 4hrs, 6mins) in the past 6 years. I know this result is not worth showing off, especially when it comes to running pace, race result, my running experience is not worth mentioning. But as a normal runner, i just want to go running all the...
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