I am an outdoor enthusiast. Usually I would go running, hiking and camping with my friends on weekends to enjoy the beauty of the nature, wash away the working fatigue from the urban life. I have travelled to many places across China during past years. In the course of those journeys, I have experienced many interesting and unforgettable events and discoveries which extremely expand my vision. All those stories happened outdoors have become parts of my lifetime treasure and memories, I have got to meet and know many fantastic friends who become my mentors in my life later.

I have been working in a leading outdoor lighting company for many years before I was invited to join another outdoor commercial company in the second half of 2019. Just on that exact night of my arrival at home to enjoy the Spring Festival with my families in the end of year, bad news comes in that the whole Hubei province was blocked down because of Covid-19 outbreak. Everyone in Hubei province was requested to stay and got isolated home.

The lockdown lasted for three months and I was ready back to continue my normal life when the epidemic got controlled finally. However, I received the notice from my boss that I was fired because of business decline affected by the Covid-19 before the right night I went back to my work place in Shenzhen. It sounds a little frustrated but would never make me down. I started to send out my resumes as soon as I arrived in Shenzhen, but all companies refused me when they were told that I come from Hubei province. That was really hard and cruel for me in that time, fortunately my past outdoor experiences had taught me that “this path has been placed before you, the choice is your alone”.

Then days later a Canadian friend of my past business partner talked me that since you have marketed the company you worked for so well before, why don’t you build your own one? That really enlighted me, and so there comes this site selling outdoor bags. Luckily, this website runs very well till now and being supported widely across the world.

All outdoor bags presented here are offered by manufacturers with over 10 years experiences in outdoor field, in which some factories even offer OEM services for many famous outdoor brands in American and European. As an outdoor enthusiast, I deeply recognize the importance of outdoor gears’ quality to outdoor activities. Every item listed here are chosen according to the most strict standards of the field and I share the same feeling of shopping with you when it comes to my favourite selections.

Thanks for reading my story and enjoy the discovery here.

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